30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge

If you look around blogs during January and February everyone seems to be doing some form of 30 day challenges.

By: Maria Reyes-McDavis

It seem to be the thing you do to kick start the new year. A blog post every day for 30 day following a theme and linking to the site that gave you the challenges.

About mid January I thought this is a great idea, I should do it. So January ended and February rolled through and I really did not manage to get my act together.

So now March is on the horizon and I just can’t find the time, I think these challenges work if your blog is your job. In my case I have a job, a family, Scouting and a blog all trying to take bits of my time and it was never going to happen.

That said I have done some of the work I have found a list of 30 blogging challenges that I like and so I am planning to use that list and the #30Challenge and I will over the next month of so try and complete them all.

So what is on the list, well you will have just keep coming back and finding out won’t you.

Next Challenge about random facts – see you soon

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