Badges – #30daychallenge

Today’s challenge is to write about what you collect.

This is quite simple for me I collect Pin Badges,

I have collected badges of all types for a number of years but more recently in my adult life I have collected the what are called in the UK pin badges, or are sometimes referred to as lapel badges.

I am talking about the kind that have a pin that sticks directly out the back and have a metal clasp on the back.

IMG_4143I started collecting this kind around the time I went to the Canada with my wife on holiday (it was before we were married and our first holiday together) I wanted something to remember things that we had done.

We were in a Hard Rock Cafe and I was looking at the badges and I thought cool I could get one of those and if we go to more Hard Rock Cafe’s I can get more. Well a couple of hard rock cafe badges led to a stash of badges of all sorts from Scouting ones through Charity ones etc.

IMG_4144I am quite proud of the fact that I have every Red Nose Day pin badge, I am also quite proud of the Scouting ones I have collected by meeting people.

I hope that my collection will keep growing, although I may soon need a bigger box to store them in.

Next Challenge is about When and Why? – but of what? come back and find out

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