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Category: Family

It all about my family

Life at No 3

Life at No3 – Introductions

As some of you may know, I live with Kiff and occasionally I steal his laptop and make posts on this site.

You may also be aware that Kiff has two lovely daughters, this means the house has a rather large number of toys and teddies, ranging from large dogs to tiny tiny hedgehogs. Some have been around for a while and some are brand new and just out of the packaging.

As I have been around the block a bit it falls to me to be senior teddy and manage the day to day environment of the house. Think Woody in Toy Story (and you thought that it was a film, it was really a documentary)

I thought it would be interesting to create a series of posts telling some or the highs and lows of life at No 3.

This post will mostly be an introduction to some of the key players Read more

Family Camping

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to Family Camping we go

Camping is something that I have always loved. I remember as a cub going on camps and getting the chance to sleep in a sleeping bag, or going camping with my family and getting to the point aged about 10 where I was able to sleep in my own tent (right next door to my parents but still) I was on my own surviving against the elements like…. well we did not have Bear Grylls, so I guess like Action Man did.

Thankfully my wife likes camping too and we have camped together in France and the UK. It seems only natural for us to have camping as something our family does. The real question is would my daughters like Camping. Read more

Blueted Ponders – Small Fingers

Hello Blueted Ponders Fans

Ok, I am getting ahead of myself, but I know that Blueted Ponders is the best part of this whole blog.

Any Hoo – You may have noticed that there has not been much pondering going on of late, this was due to an incident involving my head and a 3-year-olds finger. It is a long story however, you will be glad to know that I am on the road to recovery. Read more

Thoughts of a Little Bluebear – Teeth

Guest Post by KiffsBlueted a little blue bear and spends a lot of time thinking

I would like to get your thoughts on Teeth.  Read more

Thoughts of a Little Blue Bear – Dust Bunnies

Guest Post by KiffsBlueted a little blue bear and spends a lot of time thinking

I would like to get your thoughts on Dust Bunnies. You know those clumps of fluff that form down the back of furniture. Read more