Coffee Morning/Moaning

I recently asked the question on my Facebook page

What is the one items you can not go to camp without?
There were a few responses that came through, You can see the responses here
Coffee_MugOne thing, in my mind, that is always nice to have on camp is good coffee, I have experimented with a number of different ways to take fresh coffee to camp and most have been successful but a bit cumbersome.

About a year ago I came across a French Press Mug, the Smartcafe Cafetiere Hot Mug, and have been using it very successfully. What makes this cup really great is that you only need to take one cup to camp. If you take out the french press bit it can be a typical thermos style mug for hot or cold beverages but just add fresh coffee grounds and the pressy bit and away you go


 It seems there is now a boom in the market of these cups Smartcafe do both the Mug and Smartcafe Hot Cafetiere Travel Cup there is also the BODUM Travel Press there is even the Aladdin Aveo Flask With Cafetiere & Tea Filter.

I guess with all these products enabling the Scout Leader to have a good cup of coffee in the morning it mean we are going to have to think up some new excuses for being grumpy at breakfast.


    • Nick
      I do like tea but I tend to wake up with coffee and have tea in the afternoon. I guess it is the cricket player in me.


    • Yes I have an tin mug (not that they are tin anymore) as well and I usually have that clipped to my belt so if I come across a chance for a cuppa I am always ready 🙂

  • Oh no your not one of these that wanders from group to group cadging a cuppa from each one are you. A mug of tea in the morning and another late afternoon is my lot. I have one of those illuminous thermos mug things.

    • I am and I am not. In my scouting role I do often visit explorers while they are camping. When I was in my previous county I use to pop up to the county campsite if I had a free afternoon and take a wonder and see who I would meet.
      So I guess I did wander from group to group cadging a cuppa but it was my “job” to do that