1. You’ve got it wrong Chris, as I keep telling our American chums, it a good mug of TEA you need!


    • Nick
      I do like tea but I tend to wake up with coffee and have tea in the afternoon. I guess it is the cricket player in me.


  2. I’ve gotten acclimated to instant coffee while camping, but it’s still got to be GOOD coffee. Lately I’ve been using a Snowpeak Titanium mug that I can heat the water on just about anything – a propane stove, pocket survival stove and in times of desperation… https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/-a9wq482VL4s/UGkJ3JkJC4I/AAAAAAAAI8A/TwhpZ0x37Ps/s641/12+-+1

    This would also work for Nick and his beloved Tea.

    • Yes I have an tin mug (not that they are tin anymore) as well and I usually have that clipped to my belt so if I come across a chance for a cuppa I am always ready :)

  3. Oh no your not one of these that wanders from group to group cadging a cuppa from each one are you. A mug of tea in the morning and another late afternoon is my lot. I have one of those illuminous thermos mug things.

    • I am and I am not. In my scouting role I do often visit explorers while they are camping. When I was in my previous county I use to pop up to the county campsite if I had a free afternoon and take a wonder and see who I would meet.
      So I guess I did wander from group to group cadging a cuppa but it was my “job” to do that

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