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Outdoor Posters

Posters for every Kids room – some wonderful posters and I am very tempted to one of them to put on my daughters wall.


Laughably Bad Christmas Gifts

1st December has passed so it is OK to start thinking about Christmas & Christmas Presents. Here is a Laughably Bad Christmas Gifts Guide


Summer Camp Shopping

Ok so the Summer is hopefully on it way and a large number of adventures will be had by all. It is also the time of year when the Birthday of this blogger comes around so I have been looking over Amazon and I have selected a number of products that could be added to a summer camp shopping list.


Picture them Naked.

I was recently asked for some advice for speaking infront of people at an AGM, my first thought was to say Picture them Naked. However when I actually thought about that statement and I a not really sure if that would work. I think if I was in a room full of naked people I would start to feel rather self conscious and some uneasy.



I have come across a service called Plinky it gives what it calls prompts for you to answer and is aimed at helping you generate content. Look out for new posts from it.