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Outdoor Posters

Posters for every Kids room – some wonderful posters and I am very tempted to one of them to put on my daughters wall.


Laughably Bad Christmas Gifts

1st December has passed so it is OK to start thinking about Christmas & Christmas Presents. Here is a Laughably Bad Christmas Gifts Guide


Summer Camp Shopping

Ok so the Summer is hopefully on it way and a large number of adventures will be had by all. It is also the time of year when the Birthday of this blogger comes around so I have been looking over Amazon and I have selected a number of products that could be added to a summer camp shopping list.


Picture them Naked.

I was recently asked for some advice for speaking infront of people at an AGM, my first thought was to say Picture them Naked. However when I actually thought about that statement and I a not really sure if that would work. I think if I was in a room full of naked people I would start to feel rather self conscious and some uneasy.



I have come across a service called Plinky it gives what it calls prompts for you to answer and is aimed at helping you generate content. Look out for new posts from it.


Update read all about it

You may have heard that it snowed in the UK the other day, and for the readers in the UK I hope you cope with the snow. Just think the UK shut down because of 15cm of snow I bet countries like Canada, Sweden, Norway, Russia are laughing at that update.