Looking Forward

I always find the start of a new year a dreadful time to blog. Things are just starting to happen but you have not quite got far enough into everything that there is much to tell. Your also still recovering from the break and all those relatives that you met.

I was looking forward to what is in store for Kiff 2013 and thought I would share a few of the things that I hope achieve.

Home LifeCamping_Snoopy_Forward

On the home front there is nothing extremely exciting planned for this year. Mrs Kiff and I have decide that we will have a camping holiday in 2013 with the girls I am looking forward to that as well as ticking one of my 40B440. When things get warmer we will try an overnight camping in the garden to a) check out the tent we bought, used once and then never managed to use again and b) to see how the girls cope sleeping under canvas.

We are also hoping to have some work done on our roof, which will probably mean I get a giant climbing frame on the outside of my house. However I have a feeling that Mrs Kiff will tell me I am not allowed to play on it.
I remember when my parents had their roof done, I use to be able to go out my bedroom window and then up and over the roof and down in through the back door I know it was more effort that walking down the stairs but it was more fun to.


I am continuing with my appointment in Gloucestershire and am looking forward to another BEAST event, other items in the pipeline are a Youth Conference/Forum type event as well as supporting explorers in the other events run across the county.

I am still involved with a National Project team and I am looking forward to that pick back up again in 2013, as the project has lots of potential if driven to a conclusion.

Finally in this section, I have signed up to be on Staff at WINGS2014; I am not 100% sure what that will involve but I am sure the journey will be great fun.


The new design will hopefully remain stable and bug free, so I can forget about that and work on content. I will obviously be blogging all of my 40B440 progress and I hope to complete a few more Ask Kiff Anythings – might even create an Ask Kiff anything page where questions can be posted.

I look forward as ever to your comments and interactions

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