Superstitions: Do you have any?

Plinky asked Superstitions: Do you have any? Or do you think they’re silly?


I am not really a superstitious person, I generally think some superstitions are born out of good safety practices for example “it is bad luck to walk under a ladder” well of course it is there is every chance that something might drop on your head. Or don’t step on the crack or the bears will get you, this was to stop young children tripping over. (*My brother has a great story about this but maybe for another time*)

The only superstition I follow is bowing to magpies and it is so ingrained in my it is almost and impulse action if I see one magpie to look for a second if there is not on bow my head.

I remember once I was on a summer job working to support young people with learning disabilities and we were traveling in a minibus to an activity in the afternoon.
The were 4 adults, all staff, sat in the bus and we passed a single magpie on a gate three of the four people all did something

  • I bowed my head
  • one person saluted the magpie
  • and one person said “good morning Mr Magpie how nice to see you”

the fourth person in our group look perplex at us all and said “what just happened?”
We all explained that one magpie was bad luck according to the rhyme “One for Sorrow, two for joy” and our various grannies, it always seems to be grannies, had told us that to avoid the bad luck you should – bow your head etc.
This person a) have never heard this and b) was rather superstitious so said was quizzing us at to which one they should do we jokingly said well all of them I guess to be safe.

I was working again later in the summer with that same person a week or so later and we surprisingly enough saw another magpie and she bow her head, saluted, turned around twice and said “Good Morning Mr Magpie how nice to see you”

It was my turn to be perplexed? What are you doing she explained that after talking to use she was with another couple of people and they had said there was also the turn around twice so now she had to do them all. I suggested it might be taking it a bit far and maybe they should ask their granny for the solution.

It seem odd how superstitions can take over our lives and cause chaos, taking my bowing I instinctively bow when I see one magpie does not matter if I am driving, which thinking about it could be quite dangerous.

How about you Reader do you have any superstitions and how do that manifest themselves?

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