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Corporate View and my thoughts


It has been a while since I did an Audioboo / podcast type thingy so I thoughts it was time to do another one. This one is inspired by a comment I received, some time back on a post, or it might have been on twitter.

Enjoy the Corporate View

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  • Audioboo!!!! I was looking for this a month or so ago for an ‘idea’ but couldn’t remember the name or where I’d originally found it. It was here, Chris your a star, thanks, I may leave another comment later about the actual post.

  • In your role as ACC Explorers, a role I have done myself in the past, you can be seen a bit as a corporate ‘stooge’ as you are above the ‘everyday’ Scouting but below the bods in head office. I personally do not see you as a stooge, of all the Scouters I know, you Chris are probably one of the best, most articulate and informed of them in getting messages across. When I correspond with you it feels like I will get your honest opinion as I feel you can see both sides of the coin. I have learnt though in the past that a well balanced opinion is not always welcomed, to which I will leave that there.

    Like with every organisation there are those on the top and those on the bottom, while I don’t have a problem with anyone at the top of our organisation, I have a problem sometimes with their communication between them and us. While I will admit communication has improved over the years, it could still be better. It’s all about harmonisation, if you make those at the bottom feel appreciated, then those at the top will also feel appreciated, therefore creating a better and more efficient organisation.

    • Ben, very well put. I know that communication and the improvement of it, is a key focus of HQ. I am part of a HQ project looking at this for one programme area.
      I hope that if we get something right, it will be carried across other programme departments.