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Do it Different

Ever heard someone tell a story and think to yourself that is not how I would do it, I would do it different.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Well I had an interesting ideas, I am going to write the story of  the scout leader Skip Calvin and his assistant leader Hobbes (no prizes go guessing where I got the names from)

I will write different mini stories and what I would like you all to do it read the story and then comment and tell me. What you would you do to do it different.

I am hoping that the errors that these to leader make will be obvious to you all but who know, maybe I will make errors that I don’t realise and you will correct me.

If you read this blog from outside of the UK, I will be basing this is UK scouting policy and best practice, however that does not stop you commenting as I am always open to hearing about how other countries do it different.

Hope you enjoy our little game.

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