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Do it Different – Off to Camp

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

As Calvin pulled up to the scout HQ he could already see a parent starting to unload the kit of their kid. I am sure I told them not to arrive before 20:00 they are over an hour early at least Hobbes the assistant scout leader was there and starting to get the kit out in the scout hall.

This was to be their first camping trip as a troop, it was only a weekend camp the usual sort of thing depart Friday night to somewhere close stay over the weekend and drop off Sunday lunch time nothing to challenging for this first one.

The plan was, but as Calvin knew plans are made to be broken, he and Hobbes would arrive at 19:00 get all the kit loaded in to Hobbes transit van leaving enough space for the kit of the 12 scout that were coming.  They would arrive at 20:00 place their kit into the van and it would head off to the camp site.  While Hobbes and one of the parents on the site started to set up the mess tent, Calvin and the scouts would hike to the campsite.

The three scout that had been dropped off by one parent were standing in the doorway to the scout hut, bags three times the size of them, the one parent who was dropping all three of called out of the car as she drove out of the car park

“Daniel’s forms are in his bag”

Daniels mum had mentioned that about two weeks ago at scouts that Daniel had epilepsy and Calvin had hoped to speak to her about it but before he could say anything she was out the scout hut gate and away.

Hobbes got the three lads to start to help him lift the kit from the QM stores and load it into the van, while they were doing that Calvin set up a check in desk; he had a binder ready to put all the kids’ forms etc in.

“May as well start while it is quite” he said to himself

“Daniel, Tom, Harry where are your forms” Calvin shouted

“In my bag skip” came the almost perfect unison cry from all three lads.

“Can I get them please?”

The three lads head of to get their forms and one by one trooped up to the desk, handing them over.  Picking up Toms forms he looked over them all in order, Calvin then picked up Harry’s forms reading through them he noticed that Harry parents had not signed the shooting form.

Calvin thought to himself: I spoke to the dad the other week about the shooting he was saying Harry was really looking forward to it. That must mean his parents are on board with it, I will pp the form on their behalf it will be ok.

Finally picking up Daniels forms he read with interest as it talked a little about Daniels epilepsy.  Calvin noted that Daniel has medication he had to take every morning and every night.

“Dan, do you have your Meds” Calvin shouted across the hall

“Yes Skip in my bag, do you need them”

“No it ok so long as you have them”

More of the troop was now starting to turn up and Calvin collected in the forms while Hobbs and the scouts packed the last of the camp and personal kit into the van.

The plan was to leave at 20:15 and things were all looking on schedule almost everyone was here the scouts were ready for the hike, they were just waiting on one scout to arrive.

The final Scout Milly arrived hobbling on crutches, her mum came over to Calvin handed over the forms.

“I am sorry we are late, a little hockey injury at school today, took a hockey ball to the ankle. We thought she had broken it, however turns out that it is just bruised”

“Oh Ok” Calvin said

“She is not going to be able to do the hike” Milly’s mum said “but there should be no issues about the rest of the camp”

“Right” Calvin agreed.

Milly’s mum lifted her bag on to the van and drove out of the car park. Calvin looked around and did a head count, twelve of them great all present and correct

“Milly” Calvin called, “you jump up in the van with Hobbes, and the rest of you scrotes pick up your day sacks and let’s get under way “

As they head out of the scout hut gate, there was something at the back of Calvin’s mind, he was supposed to do something before the Camp but could not remember what it was.  I am sure it was not important he thought to himself.


Well would you do it different? let me know in the comment what problems you have noticed or what you would have told Calvin to do differently.

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