First Badge Question?

A Questions about Badges?


In fact, it is really time for two badge questions

  1. Can you remember the first scouting badge you gained?
  2. If you attempted any badge, from any section, now which one could you aim to get?

Let me know your answers in the comments below


5 thoughts on “First Badge Question?

  1. First Badge was the Cub’s Home Help Badge, I remember having to go round to the GSL’s house to clean her front room and do some brass rubbing.

    I would like to earn the Scouts Survival Skills or Campsite Services Badge.

    1. Ben, I am trying to work out how brass rubbing links to Home Help. I have checked the requirement and getting a picture from a brass imprint with a crayon is not there. 🙂

      I think the Campsite Service badge would be interesting to do


      1. We are talking 31 years ago when I was an 8 year old Cub. Part of the requirements was to clean some silver or brass.

  2. Does it count what mom and son do together?? I fondly remember doing the Cycling merit badge with my son when we discovered he had to pick one of three: Swimming, Hiking or Biking. Swimming was the Troop’s focus but son couldn’t swim well nor could I help him being a non-swimmer. Hiking that time was out never having done it before. Cycling it was as it seemed doable. Son had a bike so off I went to get myself one. We slowly covered the mileage by increasing them over many weeks of summer and Fall to the finale of 50 miles. (A 10 miles and a 12 miles both covered the 10 miles requirement, a 16 miles and 20 miles covered the 15 miles and so forth.) Set up with a bike shop to cover the ‘maintenance’ angle. I was the best quality time with my son and was surprising how much we both enjoyed it! In fact it gave birth to his Eagle project idea after using another’s: mile markers.

    Now that Troop realizes what a great access they have in the canal trail and have implemented the cycling rides as part of the Troop’s program along with Swimming. They’ve also discovered that canal trail has many hidden treasures not seen from the roadway or its parks.

    1. Hi Deaf Scouter

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, sound like you and your son had a great bonding session out of the cycling and as you said lead to great thing for your troop. 🙂


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