God and Queen

To God and The Queen

So the 1st January 2014 has now passed and we can now as scouts, “uphold our scouting values” in line with the alternative promise

God_Buddy_ChristI am not a person who would say they have religion, or that they have a belief in God. I am probably an atheist, however I am not a fan of that term because of the loons that are often associate with it.  If asked I always tend to say I don’t have religion but I do have faith.

So as someone who does not have religion, and is a part of UK Scouting what promise will I say?

Well I will say

On My honour, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and to the Queen
To help other people
and keep the Scout Law

But why it mentions GOD?

Well because it is MY promise, it is the promise that I was first invested into the Scout Association with and I know what those words mean to me.

I don’t say the word god and picture a white dude with a beard, I don’t picture an actual person sat some where with angels doing his every beck and call. I don’t picture a student of Tony Hart, spend seven day with a packed of plasticine his parents gave him for Christmas building this world.

So the word god, in my scout promise has never really refer to a “person” it has always referred to my faith in myself to have integrity, to have respect for other and for items, to care and cooperate with the people I meet on the journey of life. It referred to my faith in my family, my faith in fellow scouters to guide and support me as I try to do for them and my faith that if there is an omnipresent person upon high he/she/they will have faith in me to make my own choices and allow, respect and support the choices made by others.

So for the best part of 30 years the word god in my promise has meant something to me, I therefore don’t feel the need to change that.

Finally I have been saying a set of words for 30 years, And they roll off my tongue with out thinking. I have tried saying the alternate version and it just does not scan right in my brain.

However enough about me what about you, will you be clambering to use the alternate promise when you next have to say it?

Let me know in the comments


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