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Helicopter Scouting

Helicopter Parents – Helicopter Scouters

I have heard the term Helicopter Parents and I even wrote a post about it Here, however while reading Bobwhite Blather I came across the term Helicopter Scouting

But Mum it is just an ordinary Scout meeting – from Time Magazine

As adults and Scouters in the Boy Scout program, we often want the boys in our troop to have a good experience in Scouting. We want our troop meetings to be productive. We want our outings and campouts to go smoothly, set up quickly and orderly, with meals cooked, served and cleaned up on time, and when it’s time to go home, everything taken down and packed up promptly and neatly into the trailer.

To that extent, we sometimes become helicopter Scouters.

It is an interesting term and something I have seen and posted about Here we all try to support the young people we come across in scouting but can we really empower them as our UK Scouting 2018 Vision aims for use to do without letting them fail every now and again.

I think it is good for people to fail, as a fear of failure often holds us back from trying something that will in the end be amazing and keeps things interesting.

Have a read of the full post on Bobwhite Blather and make us your own mind. Have you ever been guilty of being a Helicopter Leader?  I know I have

Let me know in the comments below.  Have you been guilty?

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