King of Scouting

Who is the King of Scouting? Did you see this recent article on the WOSM website –

Tuesday 30 October 2012

The King of Sweden, His Majesty Carl XVI Gustav – simply a Scout

His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf, the King of Sweden, has been actively involved in Scouting since his childhood days. In 1955 he joined as a Cub Scout with the name (totem) Mowgli and progressed to the Scout age-section in 1958. At the age of 10, as a Crown Prince then, one of his first official duties was to participate in a Scout camp in Sweden. Since then, the King often takes part in various Scout activities both in Sweden and around the world. He always makes it a point to find time to visit Scout gatherings such as Jamborees where he often camps in a tent alongside other Scouts and leaders. During his visits to Scout events, the King engages with young Scouts during their Scout activities and is very approachable by any Scout during such events. His simplicity and passion for Scouting has inspired many young Scouts and adult leaders alike. King Carl Gustaf is an Honorary Member of the Swedish Guide and Scout Council and has been the Honorary Chairman of the World Scout Foundation since 1977.

Full Article Here :- King of Sweden / News / Information & Events / Home – World Organization of the Scout Movement.

It is amazing to thing of someone in that position being so grounded with their people that they just mix in and get involved with something they are passionate about.

I would never have thought it would be possible for a member of the UK Royal family to be involved with scouting at a grass roots level and I was proven wrong with HRH The Duchess of Cambridge but it does make me wonder will she be able to continue when Prince William become King.

Do you think in the UK we could have the Queen involved with Scouting in the way the King of Sweden is involved with Scouting?


  • It’s a bit unlikely to have the Queen actively involved in Scouting, mainly because of her age, but I know she obviously has a high praise for Scouting. But I see no reason why another royal couldn’t be involved like Carl Gustaf, if they we’re interested.

    • I agree Ben the Queen is a long shot. I think in the UK we are moving closer to the time when it is plausible for a UK Royal to be as involved as Carl Gustaf is. I guess when William becomes King we will find out