1. There should be informal restrictions. I personally believe each section should train and educate their youngsters, so that when they move up they have the basic knowledge to then move on in their new section. I know of leaders that want their youngsters to do everything, but it then defeats the object of learning through scouting. Why would a Cub want to join Scouts if they have done everything the Scout troop does.

    • Ben where do you think those informal restriction should be placed, I would suggest that it is the role of the Group Scout Leader to ensure there is a development route for the young people.

      I also think naturally there will be some cub who might be able to climb a a HD or a VD route but the most will probably never have climbed before so be just starting out. The Cub leader can just expect everyone to be out on open rock leading VD’s so would need to adjust the programme accordingly.


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