1. Wholeheartedly agree! The program of Scouting provides a
    safe environment to fail. Not everyone will win in being the first
    to finish but pushing yourself further than you thought you could
    is an even better win in my opinion. When we push for instances
    where “there are no losers” we are deceptive of the realities of
    life. Set the bar high and let Scouts rise to the occasion. Usually
    they will surprise you in how much they can accomplish.

  2. Ben

    I love this post. and I totally agree. Today’s kids are just spoilt and it doesn’t do them any good. YP’s have to learn that life is all about losing and winning. This is one of the reason’s why society is becoming so soft, youngsters are being bought up to believe they have the right to everything they want. No, they have a right to have what they work for and achieve.

    It’s like your activity idea, it sounds brilliant. Play by the rules, do your best and someone will win and someone will lose. It’s similar to when people organise hikes, and make it shorter so that everyone has a chance to complete the distance. I’m sorry but as a scout I did various hikes including 40 mile mountain challenge. 20 miles into the mountains on day 1 and 20 miles back on day 2. Bloody hard, but the feeling when we finished was fantastic. We had achieved where we never thought we would.

  3. Aaron Broxton

    Good article. I appreciate the wake up call. Sometimes I forget the simple lessons and need to be reminded. It’s not easy getting a job. We all need to help each other out. Thanks again.

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