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Just wanted to Ask

Here are some questions that I have been meaning to ask, it is all for a bit of fun


Small Actions

Even the small actions like giving someone the chance to shine even for a very limited time can make their day for the rest of their lives.


Lots of New

Whatever way I start a new post I really wanted to say welcome to 2013 I hope you ended 2012 in style and you looking forward to a new and exciting 2013.

What To Expect From MySpace 2?

Do you remember MySpace? do you still have an account? can you remember your password? I though it had long since died …


Jabbering Not So Easy

So instead I am going to share something with you that I came across on twitter. This has obviously been set up for the Olympics but hopefully it will remain and could be a great scouting game to play in London.

This Time Last Year

Jabbering all Day long in its current form was born in Jan 2010 and has now been running for 234 posts.Some good, Some Bad, some comment on some best forgotten.