Accountability In Scouting

This month’s blog entry is about Accountability in Scouting. By this I am thinking about the way we run Scouting on a day to day basis within groups, districts and counties, rather than doing actual events or activities. In my opinion, it’s something we all know about but it doesn’t seem to be seen as […]

Jabbering Takeover – Scouting Home

TAKEOVER UPDATE From the many requests we have received we thought we should give an update on the Great Kiff. He has accepted that he will be known as the Great Kiff after his superb Puffin Ninja training by the Great Ninja Puffin. Our Kiff will become wise and wonderous to all people. His first […]

Starting Something New

Well this is something new, I’d like to say a big hello to all the Jabbering followers. Chris has asked me to write a regular Scouting contribution for his blog, he’s hoping for a viewpoint from the coal face. I’ve been reading the blog for a while now, and always enjoyed it. I think […]


Well it has come to that time of the week, where sadly the Cilben Collective has decided that our Great Kiff, now Great Ninja Puffin Kiff. Has more than done enough of his training to become our great leader once again. He’s passed everything with flying colours like we knew he would. He can now […]


Today we bring you a picture of our great friend ‘The Kiff’ being taught the skills of mind control by the Great Ninja Puffin. See how he perches on that rock and absorbs the advice. Our Kiff has been stood in that position for the past 24 hours mastering the art of levitation. We all […]