Kiff some things you never knew

Kiff ? The questions is what do you really know about a person What do you know about Kiff OK you can look at a facebook page or an about me page  but here are a few things people don’t know 1 – Kiff the Chicken Gristle Finder In my youth I worked for eight dreadful hours […]

Life at No 3

This mean that the house has a number of toys and teddies, I though it would be interesting to create a series of posts life at No 3.

Family Camping

I have always love camping, I can remember as a cub going on camps and getting the chance to sleep in a sleeping bag or I remember going camping with my family and getting to the point aged about 10 where I got to sleep in my own tent, right next door to my parents but still I was on my own surviving against the elements like…. well we did not have Bear Grylls, so I guess like Action Man did.

Thankfully my wife liked camping too and we have camped in France and the UK so it seem only natural for use to have camping as something our family does. The real question is would my daughters like Camping.


Blueted Ponders – Small Fingers

Hello Blueted Ponders Fans Ok, I am getting ahead of myself, but I know that Blueted Ponders is the best part of this whole blog. Any Hoo – You may have noticed that there has not been much pondering going on of late, this was due to an incident involving my head and a 3-year-olds […]