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5 Top Networking Skills for a Scout Leader

5 Networking Skills for a Scout Leader and number 3 is an essential. Reviewing my Feedly list the other day, I found a whole raft of posts that followed a similar vein. They were all about networking skills for various professions. I thought to myself why not write the Scouter’s Networking skills list. Should be […]


Inclusive Scouting

Should being inclusive mean that people are positively discriminated? Or does it mean that we should include people in scouting.


40B440 Veggies

Last night I realised, Veggie – tastic I had done it! completed a #40B440 Challenge – But what Veggies were they

Outdoor Posters

Posters for every Kids room – some wonderful posters and I am very tempted to one of them to put on my daughters wall.

Life at No 3

This mean that the house has a number of toys and teddies, I though it would be interesting to create a series of posts life at No 3.