Together we can go on an Adventure

Five before 40

Following from my post back in Feb about the 6 people you would have for dinner I thought I would try a 5 movies everyone should have seen by they time their 40.

Is There a Blanket Ban?

One of the best things about going on camp for me is getting the Scout Camp Blanket out, not only does it keep me warm at night or around a campfire, but it gets you talking to strangers. The reason being is that it is covered in scouting badges from all over the world, and […]

Being Prepared

It’s that time of year again, when snow is forecast, the rain never seems to stop and the carpet becomes caked in dirt from the kids shoes when they’ve been out playing. Yes, you guessed it, time to start planning/organising summer camp. I have organised 5 summer camps and 100+ weekend camps, I always make […]

How to write for Scouting Magazine

Hello Readers of Jabbering all Day Long I’ve been asked to impart some advice for Members of the Movement on what the editors of Scouting are looking for when it comes to articles we publish in the magazine. I hope some of the tips I give here are useful and encourage people to offer ideas […]

Scouting & International.

Hello Dear Reader We now live in what can be described as a digital age. It is a time where messages can be sent around the globe in a matter of seconds, with tools like Whatsapp, Facetime and Skype we can talk and discuss with people from all over the world. With all this at […]

Very Quick Post from an Apple Store

I am currently at an Apple store in Cribbs, so I thought I would take advantage of the free wifi and make a post. I am here with my good friend Jess, who use to have a blog but never posts on it anymore. Well, that is enough silliness, back to shopping. TTFN K