Starting Something New

Well this is something new, I’d like to say a big hello to all the Jabbering followers. Chris has asked me to write a regular Scouting contribution for his blog, he’s hoping for a viewpoint from the coal face. I’ve been reading the blog for a while now, and always enjoyed it. I think […]


Inclusive Scouting

Should being inclusive mean that people are positively discriminated? Or does it mean that we should include people in scouting.


30 amazing facts

Did you know that David Bowie’s first public performance happened at Scouts? The Scout Association have published a list of 30 amazing scouting facts.

Charter Organisation – What is is all About

You may have seen news stories or blog post about Scouts Troops and Cub packs in the US loosing their Charter Organisations but for those of us Scouting outside of the USA the concept of the Charter Organisation may be completely alien. So I decided to ask someone who would know.


Well it has come to that time of the week, where sadly the Cilben Collective has decided that our Great Kiff, now Great Ninja Puffin Kiff. Has more than done enough of his training to become our great leader once again. He’s passed everything with flying colours like we knew he would. He can now […]