Hot Bananas

hot bananas just gives me the heebee geebeeies it is the one camp food I really can’t eat whenever it is on the menu I always take my banana and my chocolate and eat the composite parts individually so much nicer.

Family Camping

I have always love camping, I can remember as a cub going on camps and getting the chance to sleep in a sleeping bag or I remember going camping with my family and getting to the point aged about 10 where I got to sleep in my own tent, right next door to my parents but still I was on my own surviving against the elements like…. well we did not have Bear Grylls, so I guess like Action Man did.

Thankfully my wife liked camping too and we have camped in France and the UK so it seem only natural for use to have camping as something our family does. The real question is would my daughters like Camping.

Being Prepared

It’s that time of year again, when snow is forecast, the rain never seems to stop and the carpet becomes caked in dirt from the kids shoes when they’ve been out playing. Yes, you guessed it, time to start planning/organising summer camp. I have organised 5 summer camps and 100+ weekend camps, I always make […]