Kiff some things you never knew

Kiff ? The questions is what do you really know about a person What do you know about Kiff OK you can look at a facebook page or an about me page  but here are a few things people don’t know 1 – Kiff the Chicken Gristle Finder In my youth I worked for eight dreadful hours […]


A Man of Many Jackets

I am a man of many Jackets; I have hard shells, soft shells, fleeces. all taking up space in my cloakroom. Could I have just one

Fresh Start

Ok….. Umm…. Yea….. Well….. These are maybe not the best way to start anything really. However over recent months these seem to be the words that roamed around my head when I sat down to write a blog post. A Fresh Start was needed. So having continually found I had nothing to say I sat down and took […]


5 Top Networking Skills for a Scout Leader

5 Networking Skills for a Scout Leader and number 3 is an essential. Reviewing my Feedly list the other day, I found a whole raft of posts that followed a similar vein. They were all about networking skills for various professions. I thought to myself why not write the Scouter’s Networking skills list. Should be […]


40B440 Veggies

Last night I realised, Veggie – tastic I had done it! completed a #40B440 Challenge – But what Veggies were they